Sunday, September 6, 2009

Featured Artist: Bryan Collins

Enter the Technicolour dreamworld of BryanCollins' paintings!
His artist statement says: "Bryan Collins makes art out of a curiosity for human nature and our searches for something that will bring meaning to our lives. His faith in God is paramount in seeking visions for his work, as well as inspiration from God's creations and a reason to express his own spiritual battles. Rather than saturating his art with symbols of religion, he explores situations we can all identify with, such as acceptance, death, loss, love, guilt, fear, and dreams. His paintings and illustrations are also greatly influenced by music, books, and creative wording.
Acrylic paints and Prismacolor pencils are Bryan’s favorite tools, and he also uses watercolors, scratchboards, and ink to create his work. When not working on flat surfaces, Bryan is customizing toys and other DIY models. When not making art he is riding one of his bicycles, caring for his aquariums, hiking in the mountains, or just enjoying time with his wife and two children."
'Not An Angel But A Girl With Wings' might fit into my decor.
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