Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Featured Artist: BloomsburyGroup

BloomsburyGroup sews funky, haunting dolls, many of which are one of a kind! I don't usually go for dolls, but these stood out from the crowd. Don't miss this collector's doll! http://bit.ly/65o27

Zena the artist says: 

"I am a self taught artist who is brimming with ideas, excited by all sorts of mediums and unable to find enough time to create everything in my head!!!
My art and craft comes from fantasy driven ideas and exploration of my imagination. I like to be different and have my own take on things! As a 'grown up', I adore whimsy that is cute and has a 'childish' look! Bloomsbury Group was born from this very idea! Cute isn't just for children!
I design my own art and patterns and most creations are hand sewn. In my shop you will meet The Bloomsbury Keepers and other whimsical characters that will 'steal' your heart!
I am inspired by the 'BLOOMSBURY GROUP' of artists and writers, Duncan Grant,Carrington,Vanessa Bell and Virginia Woolf leading the way. I appreciate all forms of art and can see beauty in most things.
As for life in general, well I take it as it comes, make the most of what I have and find happiness in the simplest of things!"

Visit her shop at http://bloomsburygroup.etsy.com/

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