Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Oh Dear Me, I've Let Myself Go!

Wow. Starting my blog I entered into it with great intentions, meaning to post at least every other day, and somehow I let more than a week pass without posting a thing! Oops. Of course, that's what can happen when one is unable to log on to the web due to either technological incompetence (i.e., accidentally having switched my computer to the wrong setting!) or bad weather (it would seem that clouds mess up Internet reception). Ah well. I'm back now.Of course I've been busy busy while not posting. My latest finished project is a necklace inspired by the cult show Firefly, which during its twelve episode run showcased some truly beautiful jewelry.

This is my spin on a necklace worn by a woman with an important choice to make, while attending a duel in the foggy morning. The necklace featured in the episode was chunkier with murky green stones. I preferred the striking combination of the glowing red glass against deep polished black, so that's how I interpreted the design. Besides, I had no murky green stones, but already had these on hand!

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